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Faculty of Pharmacy Online Content

This page details how to use the Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus network and network security information.

Faculty of Pharmacy Website

  • URL:http://www.pha.keio.ac.jp
  • Contains information on the faculty and the Shiba-Kyoritsu Campus.
  • Important news can be found in the news section.
  • Queries can be sent from the relevant page to faculty members and staff.

Faculty of Pharmacy Portal Site

  • URL:http://webin01.pha.keio.ac.jp
  • Contains information collected from both inside the faculty and from outside sources.
  • The first page displayed when you open up Internet Explorer on campus.
  • Only accessible on Keio campuses.


  • URL:https://edc.pha.keio.ac.jp/campus
  • A proprietary self-study support site created by the Faculty of Pharmacy. Class materials are uploaded onto the site and assignments can also be submitted here.
  • Log in with your ITC account.

TOPNetII: An E-learning Self-study Site for Pharmacy Students

Last-Modified: August 31, 2016

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