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Large-format Printers

The large-format printer in the Research PC Room can be used to print off posters for academic conferences, large notices and faculty signs.
Any printing costs shall be borne by the user.

Terms and Conditions

  • Use of the large-scale printers is restricted to university staff, graduate students and thesis students
  • Users may only print educational materials or documents related to their work
  • An ITC account is required to use the printers

Using the Large-format Printers

Make sure to book the printer before you use it


Reservations can be made through the Facility Reservation System

  • Select “Large-scale Printer” on the system to reserve it
  • Only university staff can make bookings through the Facility Reservation System

Reservations can only be made by university staff

  • Make sure to not only reserve the large-scale printer, but a computer as well
    Reserving Computers

Reservation Rules and Regulations

  • In the event that your reservation conflicts with another, arrange a compromise directly with the other applicant
  • Restrict your reservations to reasonable periods of time
  • If you finish earlier than your reserved slot, make sure to note this on your online reservation accordingly
  • If you finish earlier than your reserved slot and there is a booking immediately after yours, contact the applicant who made the reservation and inform them that you have finished

Additional Rules

  • As stated above, only university staff can reserve the large-scale printer online
  • Graduate students and thesis students must ask their course’s lecturer to make reservations on their behalf

Printing Documents

When printing a file in an Adobe program (Acrobat, Illustrator and Photoshop), be sure to select the type of paper (premium plain paper, super synthetic paper etc.) you wish to print on.

Replacing Printer Paper

Compatible Types of Paper

  • Premium plain paper
  • Sakurai super synthetic paper
  • Semi-glossy photo paper HG (light)
  • Fire-retardant fabric
    #if you wish to print on this, inform the Shiba-Kyoritsu ITC at least one day in advance of when you wish to print). You may print on this fabric from 9:00-17:00
    #If you wish to print on a paper type not listed here, contact the ITC
    #There are two sizes you can print in: 36 inches (914.4mm) or 42 inches (1066.8mm)

Only select paper types can be used for borderless printing

nly select paper types can be used for borderless printing. Check the table below for more information.

ラベル名 完全フチなし 印刷可能 左右フチなし 印刷のみ対応 フチなし印刷 非対応

Printing Costs

  • Users will be charged based on their printing history
  • Costs will be billed to the user’s affiliated course
  • Bills will calculated at the end of January each year and issued in February
  • Pay for bills via bank transfer from your course’s research funds#
  • Contact the Shiba-Kyoritsu ITC for more information on other methods of payment
    #Do not settle bills using academic society funds

Paper Costs

Costs associated with printing a poster (1066.8mm x 1261.4mm)

用紙の種類 用紙代 インク代 合計
プレミアム普通紙 98.291 86.318 185
スーパー合成紙 561.663 114.889 680
フォト半光沢紙HG(薄口) 678.676 122.104 800
防炎クロス 2527.483 123.532 2650

#The total cost will be rounded down when the final digit is \4 or less and rounded up when it is \5 or more

#An example poster

Cost associated with printing photos (1066.8mm x 348.8mm)

用紙の種類 用紙代 インク代 合計
プレミアム普通紙 28.405 126.066 150

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